Do I have to become a member to shop

No, you do not have to be a member to shop on our site. You can shop without being member. But you can not benefit from the advantages of being a member.

Membership benefits, what is it?

The biggest advantage of your membership is that you benefit from special member discount vouchers and coupons.
You will not have to enter your billing and delivery address over and over again in your purchases.
You are notified of special member discount campaigns.
You can follow your favorite products by adding them to your shopping list by pressing the "Add to Shopping List" button and then you can easily reach them, share them with your friends via facebook, ask you if you like it and send it to your partner or via e-mail to the person you want.

What is the purpose of the questions asked in membership transactions?

Questions that we ask our members are a key to us to better understand your needs and serve you better. Credit card informations does not have to be entered when signing up. Please enter your informations correctly.

How can I become a member?

To subscribe to our e-gebe.com online sales store, you can click on the Login button on the upper right corner of the page you are on, or you can switch to the registration page by clicking the Register button from the drop-down menu. You can complete your membership process by filling the form on the page with complete, correct and up-to-date information. Once you complete your membership process, you can complete your membership by clicking on the email verification link that sent to your email address. This step is required to prevent malicious people and systems.

Can I change my password?

Once you have completed your subscription, you can change your password or your account information. After logging in to web site, click on your username in the top right corner to navigate to the page where your account information is located. You can change your password by pressing the Change Password button on this page.

I forgot my password ?

You can can simply press the button Forgot Password button by drop down menu on the right corner. Or, If you forgeot your password and want to create a new one. Click the Login button at the top of our site, and click on the Forgot Password button in the pop-up box to change your password.

I want to cancel the membership.

If you want to cancel your e-gebe.com membership. You can contact us by e-mail at mutlumusteri@e-gebe.com or you can get support from the Online Support service in the lower right-hand corner of our site.

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